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As more and more students enters various study abroad programs, the demand for accurate information and more convenient ways of social interaction also increases.  The ARK APP is a platform dedicated to solving the problem of information fragmentation. The APP collects first hand information on career opportunities, academic resources, and social activities in various regions within North America, and provides these information to the greater student abroad community.

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​Primary Functions 

  • Help connect college students from all over North America.

  • Help connect students from top colleges who are currently working at large investment banks, consulting firms, and major technology companies.

  • Provide a comprehensive coverage of academic and scientific research resources as well as internship opportunities.

  • Streamline the process of information sharing and communication.

  • Offer the newest updates on life hacks and entertainment services for those living in North America.

  • ​Provide users with high quality information based on their interest.

Finding Your Community 

  • Recommend communities that best match the user based on portrait recognition.

  • Efficiently locate groups with common interests

  • ​Meet other users with similar interests using our highly customizable community feature.​

  • Inspect all contents before publicization to better the user experience. 


COVID community
​Let the ARK APP be your safe haven

​The ARK APP has a special community set up in response to COVID 19. There, users can find the newest information on the pandemic by choosing the section corresponding to their location. The platform also uses big data to accurately help users contact other users in the same community. At the same time, the platform encourages all users to share important information surrounding the pandemic such as COVID-related strategies, acquisition of daily necessities and health supplies. Let ARK APP be the shelter to your personal health, and the guard to your educational journey during the pandemic.

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