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Leading Technology within an Emerging Field

Unique enterprise for unique individuals

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ARK China Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a technology startup based in Beijing. By borrowing resources from the main body of the corporation, the company has developed a variety of project teams, focusing on social media networks, information platforms, mobile payments, search engines, online education, and other fields. 

The majority of ARK's projects were initiated by its members. Teams consist of talented and skillful professionals within the fields. The company's resources in turn help eliminate all types of personnel, technology, and legal impediments that may arise in the early stages of entrepreneurial endeavors, allowing the project teams to better focus on their work.

​The project manager is also constantly communicating with the board of directors, consisting of the ARK start-up team and investors. Currently, the ARK team consists of over 100 employees working on numerous projects.

​Social Media

Ark Study Abroad, ARK's flagship program, focuses on the unique market of international student’s social network. ARK is committed to developing an intelligent platform that integrates information engagement and social interaction for all international students.

Global Branding

Most of the existing brand overseas companies and their businesses focus on sales growth rather than brand value building. Ark uses its unique overseas digital marketing and international localized sales channel combination to build product sales and global brand influence, and is committed to helping all new domestic consumer brands to enter global market.

Information Platform

Despite the existence of multiple information platforms, there remains a great demand for high-quality data among international students. ARK uses the independently developed TAG system to profile users and match them to the most appropriate data and the highest quality information.

International Consulting

A diversified team of experienced international consultants are in charge of ARK's  ongoing consulting business. ARK’s consulting services will cover business consulting, management consulting, financial consulting, and international market strategy research.

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​Be Bold
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  • Innovation is the fuel.

  • Pursue cutting-edge technology.

  • Implement flat management.

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