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The Foundation of Ark Technology

In the winter of 2020, as the world around us continued to change rapidly, a group of passionate Chinese college students discussed what their dreams and aspirations were. Some wanted to become lawyers, while others wanted to eventually start a non-profit. But if there were anything in common, it was that they wanted to leave a meaningful legacy on the world through helping others. This was the foundation of Ark Technology. Today, Ark Technology consists of over 100 employees, coming from various top colleges in the US.

In the Bible, Ark was a vessel that protected Noah and his family from the flood. Through its protection, humanity was able to survive and flourish once more. While we are not facing cataclysmic disasters in the 21st century, the past two years have only shown the number of critical concerns at hand: COVID spread across the globe like wildfire and brought misfortune to many. The frequent hate crimes directed toward people of color shocked the world and made all of us rethink about the definitions of equality. For Chinese students abroad , these past two years have meant dealing with traveling restrictions and policies that seemed to change at a moment's notice. Moreover, some members of the communities faced backlash from their school and workspace for simply being “Chinese”. Therefore, it is crucial to unite and help each other in a challenging time like this.


One of our first attempt at helping the Chinese students abroad community is through the Ark APP. The events from the past two years have revealed that the information sources available to the students abroad community are scattered and inaccurate. There are simply too many rumors around and one must spend hours digging for information in various software to find the answers they are looking for. The Ark APP uses two primary features to address this phenomenon: communities and private chats. Communities contain relevant information for the users such as the COVID traveling policy updates and career-related opportunities/advices. All COVID related information are released upon careful verification with government and airline websites while career-related opportunities/advice will come from current recruiters. The Ark APP will also host guest speakers from various industries to help alleviate the anxieties surrounding job-seeking among the students abroad body. Moreover, users can post on the community page to seek help from the larger Ark userbase as well.

On the social media side, users within the app can interact with each other via posting, commenting and private chat. Users can also form individual groups to help organize their conversations with peers. In addition, to better the user experience, Ark APP utilizes the TAG algorithm to provide each individual with a list of other relevant users (eg similar interest, same location, etc.) who they may wish to connect with. In other words, meeting other like-minded peers have never been easier.


Looking ahead, Ark Technology intends to develop mobile payment and classroom services, all of which seeks to service the Chinese students abroad community. Ark will also act as a bridge between China and the US and help Chinese businesses expand into the North American market.
While the future may be uncertain, allow Ark Technology safe guide your study abroad journey.
The Ark Team

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